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Move in/out and deep cleaning services

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Deep Clean

Every surface from top to bottom and everything in between will be hand wiped including; doors and door frames, windows and ledges, baseboards and ceiling fans.

Rates starting at...  $125

Move in or out service

This will be very much a deep clean only may require some additional labor. At the end the service appointment, there should be no trace of previous occupancy.

1  bedroom starting at $150......2 bedroom starting at $200.....3 bedrooms  starting at $250

Recurring Services

Your ongoing services will be the up-keep and  maintenance of your deep clean service for the next 12 months.  

Rates starting at..$85

Refreshing scent seletion..

Choose your favorite scent.   A refreshing and amazing scent that will leave you confident you made the right decision in trusting  our service.

If you don't hire her you will regret it!  ​​

"Jenn was asked to clean my rental property. 3 beds 2 full baths and... 3 cats. The place was pretty much a wreck. After 6 straight hours of crazy cleaning powers you could not tell anyone had ever lived there let alone a cat. Would recommend her any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Kyle H. Jan 23, 2017

No job to job to small!

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